Monday, October 13, 2008

Let the craziness begin!

So it's been a while since I posted, and a lot has gone on.

I started over at id in August, and am loving every minute of it. I'm working with awesome tech, awesome people, and on an awesome game! It's going very well over there.

Two games I've worked have released now. Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway, and Saint's Row 2 (which comes out tomorrow, 10/14).

BIA:HH was not a project I was "on", but while I was working on Borderlands, they asked me to help out with one of the weapons, the BAR. The modeling was done by someone else, but I was able to do some texturing for it, which I'm sure even got touched by someone else at some point, but was some work none the less :)

Saint's Row 2 - Again, was not technically on the project, but while SR2 was getting ramped up, I had some down time while on Red Faction Guerilla, and was asked to concept the new set of weapons for the game. I believe it was 5 or 6, I'll see if I can post them later. I had about 2 weeks or so on SR2, and I finished the concepts in a week, so I was able to model and texture a handful of them as well. In addition to that, a handful of the props I worked on from the first game snuck into SR2 as well. So while I never directly worked on the project, a decent amount of my work should be in there.

The coolest part of all is that tonight I was watching the Browns destroy the Giants (which is awesome, even though I don't care for the Browns)...on Monday Night Football....On ESPN, national TV...All the sudden I see a city skyline in a commercial. SR2... Before I know it, there's a camera pan with a truck load of weapons popping up onto screen. I see a bunch of my weapons on TV. Then it hits me...My artwork was on National TV, being watched by millions of millions of people. That's pretty effin cool in my book.

So chalk up two my titles under my belt. Then in early 2009 Halo Wars will be releasing on the 360. I had about a year in on that project at Ensemble Studios. I was a contractor for the studio until I left for id. At the time of my departure I had no idea about the studios closure that would come to light only weeks after I left. I still think that is one of the dumbest decisions MS has ever made (and that includes Windows Vista).

Also in 2009 expect Red Faction Guerilla, and Borderlands (I believe) to ship. I honestly don't know if any of my work in Borderlands will still be in by the time it ships, but I imagine some of it will be.

So a bunch of stuff I've worked on will finally be releasing over the next little bit. It's cool to finally have the ability to say more than one title I've shipped since I've been in the industry. By my fourth year in the industry (which will be in February) I'll have shipped (or nearly shipped) four games. Pretty cool stuff, and an exciting time for me.

As for recent art work. I've been really enjoying what I do at id everyday, so the need and desire to come home and do personal work hasn't been with me a lot, but with all the new stuff I am learning, I am going to be tackling it again here soon so I can get a few more personal game pieces out of the way, then in 2009, I'll be trying and starting up a small short film (emphasis on the short)

Good times ahead...