Thursday, April 17, 2008

Saint's Row 2 concepts/models! :)

I was just browsing on this morning, and saw some weapon screenshots from SR2 on there. While browsing through, I found two that I concepted and modeled/textured while I was still with Volition. Was pretty cool to see that surface after so long.

Obviously I didn't do the character (not sure who is responsible for that). But yeah, thought that would be something fun to post.

Also, as I mentioned in the previous post, I did get my website up, some stuff on there that aren't on this site, so check it out

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Website back up

After being down for a very long time, I finally got my website back up. Yeah I know, I'm not going to win web designer of the year by any means, but I feel it gets the job done. So go check out when you get the chance. I also added a new asset there that I haven't posted here ;)