Sunday, August 12, 2007

High Poly Modeling *UPDATED 9/9/07*

Random High Poly models that I've created for one reason or another. Most of the time it's to generate normal maps & ambient occlusion. Most of the high poly models I have to show right now are fairly old. Hoping to get some more recent pieces up soon.
*Update* Added a scifi type door to the high poly list. Already have the low poly modeled, unwrapped, and baked, should be textured relatively soon.


Did this over the course of a weekend. It was off & on, probably between 10-12 hours.


This was done about a year ago, only the 2nd time I had done any high poly modeling.

WWII Thompson SMG

This was my first real attempt at high poly modeling. Did it as an art test over a year ago.

Security Door

Started this a couple weeks ago. Just drew out a simple sci-fi security door. Could lead to an entire scene some day. Who knows.

WWII Radio

Did this about 6 months ago. Again, at this point, really hadn't done much high poly modeling.


A barrel I made for a prop (see the red barrels in the prop section). Made the base in 3DS Max and did the dents and irregularities in Mudbox.

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