Monday, November 19, 2007

New Job

Last month I made the difficult decision to leave Gearbox Software, and pursue a great opportunity with Ensemble Studios. I made a lot of friends at Gearbox (some of them are now with me at Ensemble) and I learned a lot. I wish the teams at Gearbox best of luck on releasing their projects, especially Borderlands. There is a lot of talent at that studio, and I know they'll make some great games.

Anyway, I am having my actual site redesigned now. And I look forward to putting it up hopefully before Christmas. I've decided to do some new pieces, touch up (or redo) a lot of work on some of my old work, and get that all uploaded. Should be a lot of fun.

Also, Kevin Manning has started up a new art forum that I am going to try to be really active in. Still some stuff being kinked out, so I will post the link to it soon. But the hope is to get quite a few professionals in there, to not only critique eachother's work, but any other artist who wishes to have some critiques done.

Anyway, that will happen all soon.

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